There are several million good reasons to love the amazing sport of padel! Among other things, we would like to claim that one of the big reasons is that no padel game is the same as the other, because it is primarily played in pairs and your padel partner can change in each match.

To further broaden our padel range, we at PDL Center offer a large range of group training, padel with experienced personal trainers, series games & children and youth training – and much more. We have guaranteed something to suit you!

Click on the type of activity you are looking for:


Private training (PT) 

Is it time to take your padel game to the next level? Book an hour with one of our certified and qualified padel trainers! Ideal for you who want to hone certain strokes or feel that you want to get the basic strokes in order.

Group training / Intensive courses

Develop your padel game with other players. PDL´’s group training is available for all levels, from beginners to professionals. Our coaches have a predetermined plan for each level around what will go through.


Clinics is a group training with a focus on specific types or themes in your game. In order for you as a player to get the most out of the training, our clinics are level-adjusted. You and up to three other players will train on the specific types together with one of our awesome coaches.


As with much else, it is the children who are the padel’s future! Therefore, we are very committed to involving and creating a good padel environment for the younger ones, so that they can both experience and enjoy the sport, technical details and the friendship on the paddle track!

Singel activities

Winner court

Winner court is a competition where you compete individually. It requires at least eight participants and two courses. Before the first match, both partners, opponents and the course are drawn.


A competition game where you line up and compete as a single player. There are doubles matches where each match is drawn, both partner, opponent and court.

Breakfast padel

Best start to the morning! The game format can vary, you line up and compete as a single player. The most common forms of play are Americano and Vinnarbana.

Lunch or after work padel

Great break at lunchtime or perfect end to the work day. The game format can vary, you line up and compete as a single player. The most common forms of play are Americano and Vinnarbana.

Senior padel

Senior padel is for you who are 65+ and want to play padel. You can register yourself or bring one or more friends. It all depends on how many participants the activity allows.



All PDL Centers have a series game. The number of divisions and classes depends on the number of participants. The goal is to have a women’s and a men’s series.

Student series

The student series functions as our regular series game but is only aimed at students. The number of divisions depends on the number of participants.

Children and youth series

Series games for children / young people function as our regular series games but are only aimed at children and young people up to 18 years of age.


We at PDL follow MATCHi’s levels, if you are unsure at what level you are talking to one of our coaches, they will help you. 

  1. Never held a padel racket 
  1. Beginner. Is learning the basics of paddle
  1. Beginner advanced. Knows the basics of the game but is uncomfortable with ground strokes and has problems with wall bounces
  1. Leisure player. Played for a while and knows the basics well and can increase the pace of the game, but does not play consistently
  1. Average. Have played a couple of years and, even if you are not a super talent, you get the ball over the net most of the time and with reasonable force. Serve / drop and the like may still be inconsistent 
  1. Average advanced. As level 5 but with better smash and special shots. Also with consistent and more control  
  1. Experienced. Can defend and turn the game against the opponent. Can maintain pressure on the opponent with heavy volleys and build and beat winners. In addition to matches, you probably start with specific padel exercises
  1. Skilled. You master all the technical and tactical parts of the game. Can read the game and use different tactical elements depending on resistance. You are probably among the best players in your club and practice paddle regularly, probably with a coach
  1. Expert. Belongs to the absolute best and masters the game at the highest level and can play national competitions with good results
  1. World class. Like Fernando BelasteguĂ­n, Paquito Navarro or someone similar in his heyday but better