As with much else, it is the children who are the padels’s future! Therefore, we are very committed to involving and creating a good padel environment for the younger ones, so that they can both experience and enjoy the sport, technical details and the friendship on the padel track! We do this through both local initiatives and by ensuring stable and educational training programs for development with the help of our certified trainers at PDL Coach Academy. We offer groups that last for a 9-18 weeks as well as shorter camps during all school holidays.

We have junior training in different age groups and based on skill, all so that they get the best experience possible.


Shorter day camps for children and young people are arranged on all school holidays, such as sports, Easter, summer, autumn and Christmas holidays. Perfect opportunity to try out the fun sport of padel. But also a good opportunity to deepen their knowledge for the children and young people who have come a little further with their paddle.

PDL Sports Camp adapts the groups according to age and skill, all so that the children and young people have the best experience possible.

The layout for PDL Sports Camp varies from hall to hall, it can be full or half days and anything between 2-5 days camp.

Eager to book children and youth training with a padel? Contact your nearest PDL Center!