Elevate your game.

Here you will find information about the different forms of training that we offer you as a customer at our PDL Padel Centers. We hope and believe that by offering developing and good experiences help you in your development out on the padel court but also maximize your joy from the fantastic sport of padel. We do this by, among other things, offering personal training and group training to you as a customer with our certified coaches at PDL Coach Academy – who are trained to develop players at all levels and ages.

PT-Training: Book a personal padel trainer

Do you want to take your padel game to the next level? Maybe the footwork needs to be adjusted a bit? Do you have problems with those balls in the corners or reading the bend of the ball? Isn’t the bandejan or viboran really there or are you struggling to really put that kick-smash that makes the ball fly out of the court? Book an hour with our certified and qualified padel trainers! We help you develop your basic skills, review concrete aspects of your game that make you an even better padel player and for you to get even more pleasure from the fantastic sport of padel!

Children and youth

As with much else, it is the children who are the padel’s future! Therefore, we are very committed to involving and creating a good padel environment for the younger ones, so that they can both experience and enjoy the sport, technical details and the friendship on the padel court! We do this through both local initiatives and by ensuring stable and educational training programs for development with the help of our certified trainers at PDL Coach Academy.

Beginner course

Are you completely new to padel? Then we recommend you take one of our beginner courses to really get started! This includes everything from how to hold the racket, the basics, how to use the walls and how to position yourself out on the padel court. The perfect course to give you a rocket start to the padel game! Our local padel centers have a slightly different structure for this, so take it and contact your center for information about their various beginner courses in padel.


Challenge our padel coaches and raise the level of your match play! Gather three friends and get ready for the match. In the Matchplay setup, our coaches participate in the match and have the opportunity to give feedback directly during the match. Which means you get match-specific tips and learn to understand the padel game even better. The trainer will also strive to set the correct pace of the game to provide the best possible design in order to maximize your development on the padel court!

Where can I train?

We offer both group training and individual PT training at all of our padel centers. Therefore contact your center for more information and book! Or visit your center’s MATCHi page to see what different forms of training and activities are there!