Is it time to take your padel game to the next level? Book an hour with one of our certified and qualified padel trainers! Ideal for you who want to hone certain strokes or feel that you want to get the basic strokes in order. Our experienced coaches will help you develop, regardless of whether you are a beginner or have advanced in your game. All to make you an even better padel player and for you to get even more pleasure from the fantastic sport of paddle!

At PDL┬┤’s private lessons, you can choose to train alone, but it is just as well to be up to 4 participants. Why not book a private lesson with your padel partner to become even more cohesive.

With our trainers, you can choose whether you want to book an individual training or set up a training plan and run for a slightly longer period.

It is you who chooses what you want to train on. It can be basics, positioning, overhead play or how to put that kick-smash that makes the ball fly out of the court.

All our awesome coaches have undergone basic training through our coaching academy.

Our competent trainers guarantee a fun and educational session!

Eager to book a private training with a paddle? Contact your nearest PDL Center!